Monday, January 25, 2010

Los Tunnel Banditos

A few days ago my cousin called and asked if I wanted to explore a big tunnel in a park near his apartment. I did not hesitate to say yes.

For the first few feet we saw the usual well articulated and masterfully rendered graffiti one would expect to find in a tunnel. If I never see Metallica spray painted again I will be okay with the world.

At what felt like the half way point we reached a fork. We either had to climb up into one of the smaller tunnels or turn back around. We opted to continue.

Proceeding through the smaller tunnel took its toll on our backs.

Eventually we reached a point where the tunnel narrowed further and we would have to crawl in the water to explore further. So it was with an Alice in Wonderland shrinking hallway feeling and a pain in our back that we decided to make our way back.

If I learned anything from this adventure, it’s that there is no Nazi gold to be found in this particular West Allis tunnel.

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