Tuesday, June 1, 2010


These were my girls.

If I ever have a family I want it to be as awesome as this one.

The greatest drink mix of our time.

All of the comics are by Adam Passion. Check them out at http://sundogscomix.blogspot.com/.

Checking out the results (see below) of our print club session.

Adam trying to psych-out the other team in beer pong.

Yes, that is a drunk girl cutting her clothing off at the bar.

Lingerie vending machine.

The finest love pillow one could buy.

There is still a place in the world where Zima is consumed.


Everyone was tired after a day of drinking and flower watching.

I was a Gundam pilot for a day.

There is a strange option that allows you to "westernize" your eyes in some print club machines. I didn't know that I selected that option until we got back the pictures and saw that we had cartoon eyes.


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